Kinesio Taping

 Kinesio Taping

This is a CERTIFIED TECHNIQUE that Dr. Varsalona uses on many of his patients and athletes. The taping method allows the body and muscles to move while it assists in rehabilitation.
Kinesio taping is used to reduce pain and inflammation, relax tired muscles and support muscles in movement. This type of taping is NOT restrictive in any way and allows for the full range of motion of a joint and muscle. In contrast, traditional sport's taping is wrapped around the joint strictly for stabilization and support during a sporting event.

 If anyone has watched the OLYMPICS in the recent years may have noticed many of the elite athletes with a colored tape on their shoulders or knees. 
This is the very specific and unique Kinesio Tape. This tape was developed with high elasticity and latex-free materials, which will allow the person to heal on a 24 hour basis.

 Examples of Kinesio-taping include:

*Frozen Shoulder
*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
*Lower Back Strain/Sprain (Subluxations, Herniated Discs) 
*Knee conditions and strain/sprains
*Ankle conditions
*Shoulder conditions

and many sports injuries

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