"My back feels so much better!! Thank you Dr. Tony for getting me back to work."  - Doug

"I have been going to see the Doctors at West Niagara Chiropractic for years. They have always helped me get my back into shape. I won't go anywhere else!"  - Keith

"I have started Chiropractic with Dr. West as a kid years ago with a football injury. Now, my kids see his daughter, Dr. Megan. My family loves the atmosphere and friendly staff. We are treated like family......"  - Kim

"I hurt my back as a competitive gymnast. My x-rays that Dr. Tony took showed repetitive injuries to my lower spine. He adjusted me, used the TENS machine and did some Active Release Technique and I am competing again. I was so thankful my friends referred me to West Niagara Chiropractic."  - Jennifer

"I really hurt my back working on my car and the Doctors at West Niagara Chiropractic got me right in. I was so thankful to be seen. I felt so bad for the patients in the waiting room....I was not rushed at all. Now, I sympathize when I see a really sore patient and I am in the waiting room.....I was that sore once and now I get treated once a month to make sure I am never that sore again......"   - Todd

"I am 78 years old and I was really nervous to try a Chiropractor. But my friend told me to go to West Niagara Chiropractic because they offer many latest techniques and tables. With my osteoporosis, I was affraid of the treatments......Dr. Megan used the ProAdjuster on me and I love it. It was gentle and easy to sit on the table that looked like a chair so I didn't have to lay down. Dr. Megan does Activator Technique as well, but ProAdjuster was easier for me because I didn't have to lay down on a table."   - Helen

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