On Site X-ray Facilities

The X-Ray is a valuable tool for the Chiropractor. It is a specific way for us to view the spine and all its dynamics in plain sight.

We recommend X-Ray firstly, for pathologically it is advantageous to be able to pin point or rule out any complications that may delay your recovery in anyway. 

Secondly, analytically we can use X-Ray to see the cause of certain structural disorders and will be able to locate and discriminate specific problems. We are able to see any misalignment or subluxations in the spine, scoliosis', shorter legs, rotations, arthritic changes, curvatures of the spine, either in the lower back or the neck or even congenital anomalies that may affect your spine.
X-Rays are a cost effective tool and assist the Doctors' and you, in receiving the most specific treatment, to ensure you are on the right path to health and wellness.

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